I miss you ..

Dear you,

I miss you so much. We’ve been through hell, that’s always. But this time it’s different. You aren’t coming back are you ? This fight was worse than ever. You hurt me. More than anyone. But the thing is, I don’t care. I just wanna call you, and tell you that I’m sorry for anything, and we laugh all night like we use to. You were my bestfriend. No one compare to you, not even my boyfriends at the time. I wish we could go back to where we were. We never should’ve dated, because our friendship was perfection. We might have fought,but it was simply because we loved each other so much, if anything got in the way, we fought. I’m crying while I’m writing this for the simple fact that I’ll probably never talk to you again. The way you hurt me was simply indescribable. You always told me you would never hurt me, because I deserve the world, and you were gonna give it to me. To be honest, I’m still waiting on that. I think about you everyday. You meant the world to me. Why did you have to break my heart? It was suppose to be me & you against the world remember ? Even though we were bestfriends, I can say I did fall in love with you. It hurts to know you probably hate me .. For no reason, but that’s just how you are. I do wish that I could forget everything and we just start over, but it doesn’t work like that. I still love you with all my heart, and I wish the best for you. Maybe one day God will bring us back together, and I can have my bestfriend back. I love you. More than you will ever know.

- Your Bestfriend

So, there is this girl …

So, there’s this girl, who is surrounded by so many people, and feels like she’s the only one there. People say they love her, but do they really mean it? maybe they are just saying that because they know she’s sensitive. All the people she thought really did love her, aren’t acting like it. She feels as though everything she does is wrong. She is unnoticed. No one notices the good she does, only the bad, and judge her for it. No one puts themselves in her shoes, and try to understand her. She has gotten to the point where she doesn’t even feel beautiful anymore. She doesn’t feel good enough for anybody, because all the people she trust leaves her, so she has come to the conclusion where something must be wrong with her. She loves SO hard, and when everything crashes down on her, she simply can’t take it. When people hurt her, they honestly don’t try to fix it, or apologize. They simply just leave her to sit there and blame everything on herself. No one ever fights for her, or what she wants. She has no one to talk to about anything. She is always in her room, crying, thinking about all the wrong that has gone wrong in her life. The only thing she has is social networks to write down how she feels, hoping someone notices the pain she is going through, and hopefully someone can relate. Her parents do care, but seem to never be there. They always claiming they want the best for her, but are only yelling & screaming at her for simple things. God keeps her strong. No one would ever know that she hurts so much. She doesn’t ask for much. She just wants to be loved. She wants someone to simply put her first, and let her know she is worth it. Fight for her, let her know she is important. Don’t lie to her, and allow her to assume the best, when it always turns out to be the worse. Tell her she’s beautiful, and don’t take it back. Listen to her while she’s hurting, tell her it’s gonna be okay. Tell her to wipe her tears, and smile. Don’t leave her. That girl just wants to be happy. … That girl is me.

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